That went viral too (PART 3)

As long as I'm not, like, sayin' some crazy, like, out of pocket shit, like, you know what I mean? Shout out bro Josiah 'cause it's crazy. Me and him were in the studio one time and we were the only people that knew that song. This song has barely any views on YouTube, too. It's called Can I Get Open by Original Flavor and Jay-Z.

That went viral too (PART 2)

He'd be, like, going OD off of it, so it was kind of, like, a parody on his shit. And plus, like, in my own songs I have more fun rapping than I do yelling and screaming, actually. So, like, I directly wanted to call that out in that type of tone and then switch to whispering as a direct contrast to it.

That went viral too

I like call him and have him make me, like, all kinds of crazy craziness, like, and he'll just cook up all day long. He's still in college, so he'll be in his dorm suffering, unable to use his speakers makin' beats – Like noise noise complaints. It was towards, like, middle of the night.



I don't have a fucking clue what he's saying! milwaukee's just wrote "TWAT" and then Doesn't quite mix You do this when you've had an unsatisfactory rice pudding like how's your rice pudding darling? Oh, not good Not twat it completely undermines the the insult of twat by just giving a childish and mediocre "Oh my god like So original fuck my life. I hate girls like you".


Faces five eight four. Three months ago just went "you're a JERK if you think that's what djs do bro smaha" What do djs do? "it doesn't just ruin an iconic song but you stink, too." I don't smell! Maybe it's me. I literally – please! Do I smell?

I can smell the underlying sweat. "For everyone on here a few weeks ago saying I can't believe you didn't get into Oxford This vlog is a demonstration of a severe intelligence deficit" I can't even argue with that one.


MORE YOUTUBERS READ MEAN COMMENTS I took me ages to find hate comments, you know It didn't, it didn't it's painful how quick I found these on tonight's program Ladies and gentlemen, we have something that's going to make you sick Well, hello there my name is Jack Edwards and welcome back to my YouTube channel, absolutely no one asked for it, but we're back and ready to do it all over again So this is youtubers reading mean comments part two.

Country man (PART 2)

If my son had babies in timetaking part 4 generationswe, 4 generations, could take part in the same race Now we're entering the Path of Health of Mogilev I was usually running here for an hour and 5 minutes, hour and 10 minutesin the old daysnot in old onesliterally 2-3 months ago I mean I've created a school herea sports one for children, established an office.

Country man

As I'm a country man, from countryin the fifth grade I had to go to the secondary school to the district center Every time I had to go an hour there and an hour back So once I tried to runif on foot it takes an hourrunning takes a half then So it's possible to sleep 30 minutes more, to take a run and work out a little!have already reached 79 full years I do sports nearly all my life In different types, with different intensityI've never gave it up.

Hello, Stalkers Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl

Hello, Stalkers, with you the Horned Reaper and today we have the first article about Clear Sky. those who are already gradually coming to panic mode I hasten to reassure: I have not left the Shadow of Chernobyl! At the beginning videos about other parts of stalker will being published infrequently, but gradually, their ratio will grow So, and today's topic video – how can we find ourselves in others locations, completing 0 tasks.