Apple Music vs. Spotify The Heated Beatdown (PART 2)

But the fight is not stopping there. I mean you may think I'm just tackling Apple Music at full force, and I'm clearly a Spotify fanboy, but Apple Music has a couple tricks up its sleeve. Now first of all, if you are an Apple Watch user, Apple Music is probably the way to go. The Apple Music app on your Apple Watch allows you to play music offline directly from the watch over Bluetooth.

So, translation, I could leave my phone at home and go for a run and be listening to music in my AirPods just because I've got my Apple Watch. that is something you can't do on Spotify's Apple Watch app.

Spotify Apple Watch app

And don't even get me started with the Spotify Apple Watch app. While they do have one that allows you to control your music and change what is playing, that's it. You can't listen to music offline. I personally don't care about this because I always have my phone, but the bigger issue in my mind is it's not optimized for the new 30% larger Series 4 display. So the Apple Watch app is there on Spotify.

I do use it, but it's definitely a subpar experience compared to Apple Music. Now other pros to Apple Music include how you interact with the interface. So while I prefer the dark look of Spotify better, Apple music is really intuitive with integrating 3D Touch into the platform, and long pressing on items to add it to the queue and so on and so forth. Playlist creation is also just a pleasure on Apple Music, a little bit more convoluted on Spotify. And one huge hidden benefit to Apple Music is the queue system. On Spotify it is really screwed up, it's hard to figure out is this gonna play next or is this going to play after this album when you add something to queue.

Apple Music is very precise. They give you two options: play next or play later, and the queue system is much more intuitive. So at the end of the day, what this all boils down to is discoverability and availability. If you prefer music discovery and you want your streaming service to tell you what it thinks you should listen to or new music to check out, I think Spotify is gonna be right for you.

Now in addition 

Spotify is available on the most platforms possible. Whether you have a Google Home, a Sonos speaker, an Amazon Echo, an Android phone, whatever you've got, Spotify is going to support it. Now Apple Music is a little bit more locked down. It does support Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, and they are also adding support for the Amazon Echo on December 17th, so that is huge news for a lot of people.However, if you're a Google Home user or a Sonos speaker user, you're still going to be out of luck, and it's definitely not available on as many platforms. If however, you are deep into the Apple ecosystem and you know what you want to listen to, you don't care about the recommendations, but you want the most ideal solution for Apple products and the most intuitive interface, Apple Music may be for you. For me personally, after using both services for a while, I'm going to be sticking to Spotify for two reasons. Number one discoverability is very important to me, and number two paying that extra $3.00 per month for Hulu is very attractive.

I've really been enjoying using that and it's definitely a money saver that Spotify is offering that package deal. So what do you guys think? Is Apple Music better, or is Spotify better? Which one do you use and why? Definitely be sure to drop a comment down below, and if you like this article, please do hit that subscribe button.

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