Hello, Stalkers Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl

Hello, Stalkers, with you the Horned Reaper and today we have the first article about Clear Sky. those who are already gradually coming to panic mode I hasten to reassure: I have not left the Shadow of Chernobyl! At the beginning videos about other parts of stalker will being published infrequently, but gradually, their ratio will grow So, and today's topic video – how can we find ourselves in others locations, completing 0 tasks.

The thing is that there are some hidden triggers on the maps that force player to another location. Developers placed these triggers out of reachable textures in order for inability of somebedy like me to get it. and you know, they almost succeeded! Because going beyond for example clear sky base (well, without a guide) is very difficult!


Firstly, everything wire small fences on all maps are duplicated by very high invisible wall. Well, here is only elevator can help us – a bug which, by the way, works in all versions of stalker denoted as bug in previous videos number 170. But even in this case is not so easy.

There are only a few small surfaces that allow make an elevator on them and only one place where you can successfully go beyond the wall and stay alive at the very beginning of the game, you may not talk with anyone, and immediately run there! A small iron platform near the toilet. Save, make an elevator here, and so to climb this wall we need to reach good height but there is an unpleasant one, I won’t say that it's a bug, rather a feature inherent in all parts of the game – if the player during even a small falling will touch the bush or even the canopy of tree then he will die instantly. Let's call it for Example 241st number. So to deceive 241 feature we need gently jump onto an invisible wall. to do this, press the back button when it will show 17 meters. Here we are at the top edge of invisible wall and now carefully cut into these branches and jump into clearance. In doing so, we get small damage but it won’t kill us.

Well, we broke all developer's protections without cheats, and Now we can create all kinds of game. Yes, by the way, Helpful advice save after successful jumping and now we need a place on the map here , and according to the map we need run east . all the way to Japan. Still one feature of the stalker series is passing our favorite walls can be easily made from outside but categorically it’s impossible from inside and In this regard, we can meet the first bug of this version – in places these walls go by fences, in the end, when we get out of it we are stuck between it and the fence.

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