Hello, Stalkers Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl (PART 2)

Okay, Now remember why we came here although what's this? There’s a bounce bug, working in all parts too okay, it's all clear here is our place save here and see where we are on the map if we go further here then we will run into the trigger switch to the cordon but this is basically a normal transition trees will protect me!

Ah, no. Now let's go west, closer to to the fence.


Further north and to the nearest tree here we will have a checkpoint. but just be careful – do not touch this fail trigger that not only will not let go, so also will return us to normal zone. Save near this tree and now we pass strictly on East towards this spruce. We pass about half way and now if we move south – we will be transfered to another part of the cordon, in this case, into forbidden textures if we move south from this tree and a little east, then we will throw already into the dark valley on all subsequent maps we will be thrown into forbidden textures and if we just go straight to the tree, then we will run into a transition trigger to military stores and now we’ll run to the source, where did we come from get away so that the same tree is strictly in the north go straight to it and save if we rush northwest from this spruce we run into a garbage trigger now we're going strictly west of this spruce, staying at the level of the right edge of bush and running into it. Here we rest in the trigger transition to agroprom and in the southwest of the tree we have a trigger transition to Yantar we go into the restricted area near the transition to the red forest Well, perhaps the most interesting is trigger near this stone.

And he directs us right into the red forest Damn! I almost shit myself! here we are also in the forbidden textures which we can easily jump from, and go right into tunnel to Limansk by the way if we go just north of tree then we fall into the trap of invisible walls, here they are located very strange and from here we have only two paths – trigger transition to red forest or fail trigger. And another moment – wherever we are appearing behind textures on maps also all these triggers are stacked to each of those maps. Here, for example, while appearing in red forest if we move back a little bit then we back to the swamp, and in the northwest dark valley trigger Dude! I was in Red forest a minute before!

Freedomer: ". come next week, promise give stuff" Well, here, for example, somewhere transition to garbage.What about others locations, unfortunately they have no transitions. Well, if you liked the video, don’t forget to raise your finger. thanks for viewing, but for now that's all. See you!

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