Country man (PART 2)

If my son had babies in timetaking part 4 generationswe, 4 generations, could take part in the same race Now we're entering the Path of Health of Mogilev I was usually running here for an hour and 5 minutes, hour and 10 minutesin the old daysnot in old onesliterally 2-3 months ago I mean I've created a school herea sports one for children, established an office.

Up to 44 years I rode without a car

One more stretch from here I didn't need a motorcycle or a car I rode together with them but, frankly, not in the leading rolewe undertook our 160km workoutin the rain, nonstop Exhausted, dirty but happy When I started workingin the Building Collegeduring the PE classes tried to do everything myselfand made them doon the principle "Do like me" They had to hit the qualifying standardI mean the elder ones who were about 203km qualifying standard So they asked what it wasand I said: "13 minutes and 20 seconds" "What idiot could invent such time?! They. Have they ever ran or not?!" So I got the stopwatch and we ran One stadium circle was 400m They've been following me for 2 circles, I guess, or 3. Well, I take part in triathlon competitions one time a year Here's the award, can you see?the third placein 55 years age cathegory There were 2 distances More, let's say, young, healthy and ambitious. And I was taking part at the second distancethere were about 300 people as wellat that distanceand 5.200m to run There's still a streak in mebut it's not always good at that age To limit! You need to do it to the limit!


Dima, my son, tells me: "Pulse 120! No more! But sometimes I lose controlEspecially on the bicycle simulator once I lost control that muchand I also had to run then.

I, from all these 263 people who finished this distance, took the 168th place There, at the urban areaa place for restthe water is warmwe work out here, get ready to competitions The rescuers allow us to swim over the buoysthey see that we are professional swimmersbetter to be doneby exclusively people whoI don't know how to sayby super-duper people It cannot be done by everyone Whatever it is, it harms something. 10 hours of maximum load, can you imagine? It's a horrible stressand no one can guarantee how it will affect your organism Half of it may be doneif you are trainedI'll have to move to walking You should be wiseit cannot be reckless now Well, what usually causes ageing?

Ageing is firstly caused by muscle atrophy So you should support musclesand it's desirable to have not only, let's say,you should support.Muscles are the second heart as wellto a healthy lifestyle I didn't take the keys They're still filming me from all angles You should keep yourself. Firstly it's a patternand a diet as well I want to tell about myself nowmaximally limited breadAlmost don't consume sugar. I can't live without it.

There should be honeyat least in small amountsbut it should be consumedpreferably on an empty stomach in the morningwith a glass of water You should alternate You should necessarily eat a vegetable salad for dinner I think that forto protect vessels If vessels will be alright, everything will be alrightyou should train your braintrain your brainyou should read moreto do crosswordsto watch all the news on the internetand that's enough Then old age comes not so fast.

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