MORE YOUTUBERS READ MEAN COMMENTS I took me ages to find hate comments, you know It didn't, it didn't it's painful how quick I found these on tonight's program Ladies and gentlemen, we have something that's going to make you sick Well, hello there my name is Jack Edwards and welcome back to my YouTube channel, absolutely no one asked for it, but we're back and ready to do it all over again So this is youtubers reading mean comments part two.



I asked some of my wonderful youtuber friends to read some of their not so wonderful comments. So thank you so so much to everyone who got involved and without further ado Welcome to youtubers read mean comments part two. "You look terrible. The color doesn't even match your skin complexion You should have never have gone blonde" That's nice. "Whose boyfriend would want to take you out in public like this? I mean honestly" I I mean mine? "Didn't even watch to know this is bullshit", from Ross W Uh, he probably didn't watch it cause he was too busy in his lime green ford fiesta Bet he's got all the mod cons. "You fucking fat" That's a a very creative comment To leave on on a video about my eating disorder. "If the world has to make one sacrifice to get rid of Coronavirus then I beg you volunteer as tribute" I mean, just call me Katniss.

"Why do you have makeup? You look like a girl?"

And you look like a twat. "Imagine waking up in the early hours and finding this two inches from your face staring at you I would have a sudden urge to build a bonfire" Maybe I uploaded on the fifth of october No When's bonfire night? Glory to be says "two spec goons who can't talk without a lisp, total shit Not funny." Your command of the english language stuns me. You have two subscribers I win!

Always remember remember always remember the fifth of Remember the fifth of September. "You can drive a bus in between her eyes" I hate to say it but I do agree with that one I've always thought it! Have I got a measuring tape? one two, three, that's four centimeters four centimeters Probably the size of his penis "This is a terrible look" Thank you. "Is this some self glorification video to show how your face looks? You are not ugly But not pretty or even good looking." Never remember always no forget Always always remember maybe I uploaded this on bonfire night.

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