Faces five eight four. Three months ago just went "you're a JERK if you think that's what djs do bro smaha" What do djs do? "it doesn't just ruin an iconic song but you stink, too." I don't smell! Maybe it's me. I literally – please! Do I smell?

I can smell the underlying sweat. "For everyone on here a few weeks ago saying I can't believe you didn't get into Oxford This vlog is a demonstration of a severe intelligence deficit" I can't even argue with that one.

Maybe that is why I got rejected 

"i'm getting tory vibes." "Shut the fuck up tory" this one's struck a nerve. Aha. "And I just want to 100 clear up right now that i'm not a tory". Kieran Furlong just wrote "Dick" and I just want to 100 clear up right now that I am not a tory. Thank you Alfie Deyes. "The men is gay!" The men is gay. Alexander said "i'm cringing watching this" That were a video of me and you and Fern, that actually was?! "Annoying voice like that Gemma Collins and Stacy Doolan" Babe, i've gotta put up with this 24/7. "I missed 10 minutes ago when I hadn't sat through and endured this utter shit" I missed 10 seconds ago when I hadn't read that comment. "stupid disgusting tasteless brainless" Isn't that the title of that movie about Ted Bundy?


I wish the movie Flushed Away didn't exist because now we have you "This lass might be lovely but after watching her video she sounds very uneducated and ditzy, to think young people will be influenced by her is a very scary thought when she struggles to properly structure a sentence" Wow, did you actually count how many times I stuttered on that sentence? You're probably right to be honest. Jenny. You're probably accurate. "dumb bitch" Correct.

Can confirm 

"Why did I watch this?" Um, do you know what? I don't know But I wish you hadn't "what the heck was that video for?" You know what I don't even know what the channel's for to be honest it's just Just what does any of it mean" jack is the type to get friend zoned" Well, sometimes these are a little bit too real "ew, imagine being this disgusting I think you should brush your hair hun" You're talking to the queen of knowing that my hair's a mess. "I used to like you but now I don't like you So it's okay" What does that even mean? "Who gets this pressed over a packet of crisps you bloody melt" well the thing is I get pressed because it's a genuine phobia cheese and onion crisps are the scariest thing i've ever seen alien alice says "Do you know why you're fat and ugly" tell us "because the food you eat is pure shit" "eboys rip off" No, I think he was saying "e-boys rip off" Oh, well, there's no grammar in it.

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