That went viral too

I like call him and have him make me, like, all kinds of crazy craziness, like, and he'll just cook up all day long. He's still in college, so he'll be in his dorm suffering, unable to use his speakers makin' beats – Like noise noise complaints. It was towards, like, middle of the night.


It was one of the last things he sent me before he went to sleep. I was doin' the last runs I had at work and he sent it to me while I wad in the car delivering pizza and I put it on the Bluetooth and I was like, "Oh my god." I was just, I freestyled it non-stop. – I was just really interested in, like, 10k Cash and how he just did, like, no melody stuff, so when I made Goodmorningtokyo! I made it with, like, his other two songs, which is, like, Peanut Butter Jelly, Psycho. And both of those songs are, like, no-mels, but I wanted to add something crazy. So for Goodmorningtokyo!

I just heard the whistle and I was, like, that has to be the one. That has to be the one. Like, it's annoying, but also catchy at the same time. – Yo, my brain melts when I hear it. – His brain melts. – The first time that I realized that that song was a hit was when I realized that James Charles did a TikTok to it, but it wasn't the sound that was already going viral. He listened to the song, downloaded the song, and then clipped it – A whole 'nother clip – That he grabbed a whole 'nother clip of the song just so if you could reupload it, and that's when I was like, oh, this is it. like, it sounded crazy. – Yeah, just to react to it. It was like. – It was a good reaction, I think. – Thanks. – It was a super good reaction.

It was funny, it was hilarious 

That went viral too. The song went viral twice on two different sounds. – I wanna ask him about that bark, though. (Tokyo's Revenge laughs) It was necessary to him I guess. At the time I had been beefing with a couple artists.

This was back in, like, the underground. And because there was so much back and forth going on I wanted to drop something, no features, where the hook says what it needs to say about how niggas feel some type of way about me. Well, I know for a fact you're not gonna do nothin', you ain't gonna pull up, and you're not gonna out-rap me, so, like, sup? Shoot me or shut up. I don't wanna get shot, but I just know for a fact they're not gonna shoot me, so.

This is in reference to songs that came prior because the artist that I was beefin' with was, like, not just, like, yelling yelling, but he was like screaming.

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